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Sociedade de Historia Natural

Our Portuguese main partner Sociedade de Historia Natural had a Quality Label under our consultancy for the 2021-2027 season as a hosting organization and Leading organization in European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ projects. We are all open to any mutual collaborations to send Portuguese volunteers to Turkish hosting organizations too.

Activities in Portugal

We aim to create a global awareness of climate issues to care for other ecosystems threatened by human activity and the conservation actions for the natural heritages. According to this aim, we have some basic learning elements;

✔️GeoHeritage and GeoPark-themed field tours for social awareness on Earth Sciences

✔️Geographic Information System applications for understanding the land degradation and climate change threatened by environmental and human impact.

✔️Laboratory works with fossils to understand paleo-ecosystems and paleo-climate to shed light on the recent issues on climate and ecosystems. 

Sociedade de
Historia Natural

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